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Yeo Ul Chae Treatment - Oily Hair

· Hair Treatment for Oily Hair

· Oriental Herb Extracts

· Anti-loss, Sebum Control & Nutrition

· Size: 400ml

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DAENG GI MEO RI Yeo Ul Chae Treatment for Oily hair contains oriental herbal extracts to prevent hair loss, care the scalp and hair with little energy and lacking nutrition. Contains a perfect harmony of eight oriental herbal complexes such as Ginseng, Eoseongcho, Rehmannia radix, Mugwort, Wild Chrysanthemum, Morus Bark, Thuja leaf and Hasuo that reinforces and gives nutrition beneficial to the hair. This nutrition-packed product makes thinning hair more filled with energy. Oriental herbal root ingredients from shrubby sophora and calamus provides fresh care for oily hair filled with wastes. Provides a normalizing bath for greasy and heavy hair, it purifies and countering the hair’s greasing effect. The natural ingredienets restores, nourishes and enhances the natural shine of your hair.

This treatment is a quasi-drug product for hair loss, it has been safety tested and approved by FDA. Does not contain silicon or artificial colors that can cause irritation making it a clean and mild product for cleaning without irritation.


Main Ingredients and benefits:

- Ginseng: Promotes blood circulation, accelerates metabolism and supplies deep nutrition.
- Wild Chrysanthemum: Cleans scalp with anti-bacterial functions and relieves itching.
- Rehmannia radix: Intensifies the natural color of hair with robustness effect.
- Thuja leaf: Relaxed the scalp and promotes hair growth.
- Morus bark: Important antioxidant effect and prevents aging 
- Mugwort: Supply rich nutrition to hair roots.
- Eoseongcho: Provides anti-bacterial and detox effects
- Hasuo: Strengthens immune system with Anti-bacterial effects
- Shrubby sophora: Relieves itching and takes care about hair follicles
- Cnidium: Increases scalp’s tensile strength and increases the elasticity of hair.
- Calamus: Supplies elasticity and nutrition to hair.
- How to use: Wet hair and scalp with warm water, take moderate amount and apply evenly on scalp and hair. Massage in during 1-3 minutes and rinse thoroughly with water. 


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Excelente producto!

Deja el cabello muy suave desde la primera aplicación, realmente sentía que mi cuero cabelludo se aliviaba, muy recomendado para cabellos grasos como el mio!

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Data sheet

Product TypeTreatment
Hair ConcernsOily scalp, Anti-loss, Nutrition, Hydration, Softness, Shine, Anti-frizz, Hair manageability, Repair, Sealing hair tips

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