Queen Points

Discount guaranteed! Enjoy the multiple benefits of ordering from Korean Queens. You will earn Queen Points with every order and they will give you an automatic discount off your next order. The more orders you make from Korean Queens online shop the more you will save!


How do I get Queen Points?

QueenPoints are automatically added to your account every time you buy something from Korean Queens. Once your order is registered as delivered, the Queen Points will be activated immediately to be used on your next order, with no delays or waiting. Straight away!

How many Queen Points will I get?

For every euro you spend at Korean Queens shop you will earn 1 QueenPoint and as soon as they are activated in your account they will immediately be equal to a discount of 1 euro for each 100 Queen Points. It couldn't be better!

How can I use my Queen Points?

As soon as your order is registered as delivered your Queen Points will be automatically activated in your account. Then when you place your next order, your Queen Points will be deducted from the payment total for any order.


Where can I check my Queen Points status?

As a registered user you can check your Queen Points status in "My account" (first you need to log on to your Korean Queens account).

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