Combination Skin

Combination skin is one of the most common skin types, but also more difficult to distinguish since it combines two conditions at the same time, oily and dry. Usually the area T (forehead, nose and chin) produces a lot of sebum, has shines and imperfections, while the area of ​​the cheeks reveals a normal skin with a dry tendency. This complicates the selection of the skin care products, and probably you will wonder what should you use, products for oily skin or for dry skin? Don't worry, we have made a selection for you.

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    Here you are some tips to chose your complete skincare routine for Combination Skin

    Your best ally will be the balancing creams, because they will help you to regulate the production of sebum in the oily areas and they will provide hydration and softness in the drier areas. Products with snail mucin are very beneficial for combination skin, since it has a great balancing and restorative power. You should incorporate into your routine a serum or essence suitable to your main concerns, maybe you may have spots, scars from an old acne, expression lines... the serum and essences are ideal for mixed skin due to its great penetration power without feel heavy on the skin. You may not always feel you skin in the same way, it depends on the season or even the time of the month in which we are, for this your best ally will be the cotton masks, there are as many as you can imagine and you can choose the one that best suits you in every moment. Try them, you can use them daily!