Sensitive Skin

Is your skin reactive and frequently irritated? Does it redden easily? Does it show low tolerance to changes and external aggressions? Cold, heat, sun... any change affects you more than any other skin type. You may also suffer from problems such as rosacea, couperose, atopic skin or dermatitis, right? Sensitive skin may seem one of the most difficult to treat, but the trick is just to apply the right products. Remember that in sensitive skin less is more, so you must select very well the products for your facial care routine, then we show you a section for sensitive skin to start making your routine K-Beauty:

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    Here you are some tips to chose your complete skincare routine for Sensitive Skin

    Always use gentle cleansers that do not alter the pH and moisture layer of the skin. Avoid using aggressive products such as exfoliants or peelings. Always choose alcohol-free cosmetics and toners for sensitive skin, as they are softer and more respectful. It is important to apply a moisturizing cream twice a day to reinforce the skin's protective barrier, guided by the words: repairing, protective and soothing. Soothing facial mist can be a great ally for sensitive skin and is very convenient to apply. If you usually suffer from imperfections & blemishes, opt for a light cream suitable for mixed and oily skin, while if your skin is very dry, choose more oily and emollient creams rich in nourishing ingredients.