Mature Skin & Wrinkles

With age, our skin loses flexibility, elasticity and its capacity to renew itself, which is why expression lines, wrinkles and flaccidity begin to appear. Therefore we must help it and provide all those deficiencies that are produced over the years, to try to stop and avoid the signs of age. With the right treatment we will significantly improve the recovery of skin cells, keeping the skin more flexible, soft, smooth and elastic. We will manage to maintain a healthy protective & moisturize layer, to avoid skin dehydration and to strengthen the intradermal tissue and improve the cellular structure of the dermis. Here you are a products selection for you to be able to select the most suitable products for your facial treatment routine:

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    Here you are some tips to chose your complete skincare routine for Mature Skin & Wrinkles

    Start with a cleanser with anti-oxidant properties and don't forget to apply a toner with moisturizing and hydrating ingredients. This will fill in the intradermal space, seals the moisture and prepares the skin for the next treatment steps. You should incorporate into your routine some anti-aging serum or essence, hyaluronic acid and collagen are two great allies for mature skin. If you have blemishes, dull, thick or rough skin, add glycolic acid to your treatment. Finally, choose moisturizing creams enriched with anti-aging ingredients. If your skin is combination or oily, opt for those with a lighter texture, such as a gel, while if your skin is dry, choose those that are more nutritious and emollient. With perseverance you will recover the elasticity of your skin, prevent the signs of expression, minimize wrinkles and increase the level of humidity, keeping your skin hydrated and comfortable.