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Good Bye Blemish Clear Patch

· Localized treatment for pimples

· Hydrocolloid patches

· Fast healing of blemishes and pimples

· Size: 2 x 22 patches

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Mizon Good Bye Blemish Clear Patch is the ultimate solution to fight blemishes and pimples! Who hasn't suffered from acne? Whether it's teenage acne, hormonal acne, or stress-induced acne, don't worry, we have the perfect solution for you! These incredible hydrocolloid patches contain powerful ingredients to unclog and cleanse pores, soothe the skin, and promote healing.bye-bye-patch.jpgWith AHA, known for its ability to eliminate impurities and unclog pores, Cica, which has a soothing effect and aids in healing, and tea tree, with its strong antiseptic power, these patches offer quick and effective treatment. Their special design has been thoughtfully created to reduce redness and inflammation rapidly. Additionally, they extract impurities from within the pimples, creating a protective barrier over the affected area. In this way, they accelerate the healing process and prevent scarring, allowing blemishes to heal properly. They are even effective against cystic acne!bye-bye-patch.jpgThese hydrocolloid patches are transparent and ultra-thin; they are barely noticeable once applied to the skin. They adhere easily to the skin, providing invisible coverage while treating acne lesions and protecting the area from water, bacteria, and dirt. You can even shower with them! They won't be visible when wearing them, and the best part is, you can apply makeup over them!bye-bye-patch.jpgEach package contains two sheets with 22 patches, 10mm and 12mm in diameter, respectively, enough to cover any imperfections. Don't let blemishes ruin your day; try Mizon's Bye Bye Pimple patches and say goodbye to them quickly and effectively.

How do they work?

Hydrocolloid patches are capable of absorbing and removing internal exudates from the pimple. Their gel structure with absorbing particles retains the secretions of the blemish, which contain bacteria and toxins, thus accelerating the disinfection and healing process. At the same time, they provide a protective film that prevents external intrusion of bacteria or dirt, protecting the skin from any external stimulation that may worsen the lesion. For this reason, when you remove the patch, it won't be stiff like other types of patches since it will have absorbed and removed any secretion produced during the healing process.bye-bye-patch.jpg- How to use: After daily cleansing, thoroughly dry your skin with a towel. With a completely dry face, apply the patch to the blemish or affected area. To ensure proper adhesion, do not apply any cream or product before the patch. Do not remove the patch until you see that the imperfection has reduced in size, and the patch has had time to absorb all impurities. If the patch turns white, replace it with a new one. You can use as many patches as you need in a day.


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Product TypeMask
Skin TypeCombination Skin, Oily Skin, Sensitive Skin, Acne Prone Skin, All Skin Type
Skin ConcernsAcne, Dilated pores, Blemishes, Hyperpigmentation, Acne marks

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