Dry Skin

Do you notice your skin rough, dull, tight and dehydrated? Dry skin is characterized by a lack of moisture, and can even be flaky, itchy, and tight in some areas of the face. So it's important to help it with a good skincare routine that replenishes the moisture it needs and seals it for a lasting lasting hydration. Seasonal changes, air, cold, heat... can further dehydrate the skin and make symptoms worse. Don't worry because we have a great selection of products that will help you keep your skin moisturized and comfortable:

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    Here you are some tips to chose your complete skincare routine for Dry Skin

    Dry skin can easily become sensitive or red if you don't use the right products. Start your routine with a gentle cleanser free of aggressive surfactants that dry out your skin. For dry skin, it is extremely important to use an alcohol-free moisturizing toner that restores the pH level and seals the moisture. Add to your routine any type of serum, essence or facial oil that provides extra moisture to your skin. And finish by applying a rich, nourishing cream twice a day. Dry skin is often more prone to wrinkles and fine lines, so don't forget to include a product with anti-aging properties, you'll notice the difference!