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Marine Source Ex Hydro Moist Modeling Pack Travel Size

· Facial Modeling Pack

· Moisturizing, Soothing and Nourishing

· Seaweed, Green Tea, Aloe & Lavender


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  • Marine Source Ex Hydro Moist Modeling Pack Travel Size
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Verikos Marine Source Ex Hydro Moist Modeling Mask Pack Powder modeling pack is used for special massage pack at spa or esthetic shop by beautician normally but you can try this at your home very easy and low cost by yourself. You will feel how smooth and moisture your skin after modeling pack. This is especially for deeply moisturize, hydrate and nourish your skin.

This hydrating and anti-aging mask contains minerals of seaweed ingredients to provide long-lasting moisture retention, remove impurities, and re-energize & revitalize skin. Each session will leave you with the appearance of firmer, hydrated, and more youthful looking skin. The spirulina ingredient gives effect to the stability of the skin and moisturing by protecting cell membrane and moisture retention. It contains ingredient of mentha and charcoal powder that cools the skin and prevent skin irritation, reduces skin blushing and help to maintain healthy skin tone. Diatomite is naturally occurring fossilized remains of diatoms, single-celled aquatic algae. Gently removes the outermost layer of dead skin cell without causing injury on your skin, helps to improve the appearance of the skin. This mask intensively moisturize, calm the skin quickly, and give flexibility and elasticity

- How to do modeling pack:

1. Put modeling pack and water to the rubber ball and the portion should be modeling pack : water = 1 : 0.8. For example, one cup(50ml) of modeling pack with 40ml of water or white active solution is fine.
2. Mix it with spatula fast not to make it lump or chunk within 1~2mins because if you take long time to mix it, it can be harden.
3. Apply it to your face with spatula in the order of check, forehead, chin and other area thickly.
4. Tear off the modeling pack which is hardened like rubber in 15~20mins. Much easier if you tear if off from chin to upside.

- Tips!

1. Better to apply thick properly because it is much easier to tear it off and more more moisturizing effect.
2. Before applying modeling pack, much better effect if you apply essence or ampoule on the face for high effectiveness.
3. After tearing it off, rinse face off with water or wipe face out with soft sponge. Don't use soap or foam cleansing.


Data sheet

Product TypeMask
Skin TypeCombination Skin, Sensitive Skin, Dry Skin, Mature Skin, Wrinkled skin
Skin ConcernsBlemishes, Hyperpigmentation, Acne marks, Dryness