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Oriental Black Shampoo

· Hair Shampoo 

· Pure Medicinal Oriental Herbs 

· Scalp care, Anti-loss, Hair nutrition

· Size: 500ml

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DAENG GI MEO RI Oriental Black Shampoo is a premium shampoo that contains concentrated herbal extracts of more than about 35% such as Chrysanthemum sibiricum, polygonum multiflorum and others medicine herbs that maximize cleansing power and prevents hair loss in advance. Its formula contains black Black phellinus linteus extract produced by 9 repetitive steaming and drying process which could maximize the efficacy of medicinal herbs. This mushroom, due to the presence of Beta D-Glutan and Lectin, two important polysaccharide-protein complexes, controls the immune system. Also has an antioxidant effect that clears free radicals and anti-bacterial properties too to fight against bacteria. For last, it contains camellia oil and Keratin to assure healthy hair, making the hair smooth and glossy. Restores deeply the long hairs by supplying nutrition and vitamins. Also has a very important action against loss hair, preventing hair loss and strengthen the hair follicles. Naturally-derived surfactant and dye-free formula to minimize the hair and scalp irritations 

Main Ingredients and benefits:

- Chrysanthemum zawadskii Herbich var: Cleans the scalp with anti-bacterial functions
- Thuja orientalis L. leaves: Purifies the scalp deeply and relieves itching.
- Skin of Morus alba L. root: Important antioxidant effect, prevents aging and has anti-bacterial & anti-inflammation functions.
- Rehmannia glutinosa Liboschitz: Removes excessive sebum and relieves itches.
- Agimonia pilosa L. extract: Has anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer a and immune-enhancing actions.
- Rumex cripus L. extract: Anti-oxidative effect while inhibition of cytotoxicity
- Artemisia Vulgaris: Enhances antibiosis and immunity, supplies nutrition to hair root, increases the melanin production and enhances the hair growth.
- Ginseng : Promotes blood circulation, increases metabolism and prevents hair whitening.
- Portulaca oleracea L.: Increases immune function and maximizes hair growth.
- Crinum asiaticum extract: Hair loss prevention and hair growth promotion effects (Patented composition)
- Gujeunggupo phellinus linteus: Antimicrobial action
- Camellia oil: Soothes and softens hair, Increases the natural gloss and provides deep & long lasting moisturization
- Medicinal herbs for Sinseonoundan recipe from Dongui-Bogam (Korean medical book):
· Polygonum multiflorum: Supplies nutrition to the hair
· Eclipta prostrata: Makes the hair moisturized and supplies nutrition to the hair
· Jujube: Anti-aging effects
· Walnut: Intensifies the natural color of the hair.
· Psoralea corylifolia fruit: Antimicrobial action


How to use: Apply moderate amount of shampoo on wet hair and create foams by softly massage using fingertips for scalp and palms for hair and thoroughly rinse in lukewarm water. For oily scalp, shampoo twice consecutively to get better effects. (Don’t use other shampoo when using this product.)


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Product TypeShampoo
Hair ConcernsOily scalp, Dry Scalp, Anti-loss, Nutrition, Hydration, Softness, Shine, Anti-frizz, Hair manageability, Repair, Sealing hair tips, Dandruff, Scalp Problems

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