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AlfreDog Ear Cleaner

· Ear Cleaner for Dogs

· Oriental Herbs

· Prevents odor, wax and ear infections

· Size: 150 g

9,99 €

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Doori AlfreDog Ear Cleanser because we know how important it is for you to take care of your pet, Doori has created the AlfreDog line for the care of your best friend. This dog ear cleaner full of medicinal herbs and a rich blend of natural extracts will be the best remedy for the hygiene and care of your furry friend.Alfredog-line.jpgIt cares for the hygiene of your pet's ears, its formula with natural active ingredients acts in depth and removes excess earwax from the pinna and ear canal. Thanks to the powerful antimicrobial effect of grapefruit, it prevents the proliferation of fungi and gram bacteria, keeping at bay the ear infections that mainly affect dogs with droopy ears. Its tea tree oil content naturally deodorises, leaves a refreshing sensation in the ears and keeps them pleasantly scented. It exerts natural antimicrobial activity along with anti-inflammatory action from medicinal herbs such as skullcap to help maintain healthy skin and reduce inflammation. It does not contain alcohol or aggressive compounds that affect the skin.Alfredog-line.jpg- How to use: Pour a few drops in each ear of your pet. Massage the ears gently to allow the product to work and soften accumulated wax and possible crusts. After a few minutes, remove the dirt with a sterile gauze or swab.

Ear hygiene: If there is a bad smell in the ears and a large accumulation of earwax and dirt, apply every 24 hours for 8 consecutive days.

Prevention of otitis: It is recommended to apply once a week on a routine basis, especially in breeds with large, droopy ears or with very hairy ear canals.Alfredog-line.jpg


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