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Vitalizing Nutrition Hair Pack with Hair Cap

· Nutritive and revitalizing hair mask

· Oriental Medicinal Herbs

· Repair, Hydration, and Shine

· Size: Hair cap + 35ml

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Daeng Gi Meo Ri Vitalizing Nutrition Hair Pack with Hair Cap Does your hair need a little TLC? We have good news for you, because this hair mask is a powerful treatment that repairs damaged hair in the blink of an eye. This nourishing mask comes with a specially designed cap to enhance its results and instantly restore your lifeless and damaged hair. IUNIK_CentellaCalmingCreamThis mask transforms your hair, making it soft and silky while deeply nourishing it to repair its internal structure. Plus, it controls frizz and seals split ends. Forget about frizziness! The formula of this mask stands out for its powerful moisturizing effect, enriching the hair structure with essential nutrients, thanks to the synergy of more than 10 different natural extracts. Keratin and Vitamin E improve the hair's elasticity and shine while protecting it from dehydration and making it easier to style.

All its ingredients form a protective barrier that shields your hair from future damage, whether from heat, chemical treatments like dyes and perms, or sun exposure. And to make it even better, it comes with a special little cap that allows for a comfortable and pleasant application, and also helps to intensify the effect of all those wonderful ingredients. IUNIK_CentellaCalmingCream Among its active ingredients you will find:

- Keratin: It's the main structural component of hair, hydrates and improves the structure of your hair, offering a very effective conditioning effect.

- Ceramides: They revitalize hair strands, making them stronger, repair damaged areas and give shine and smoothness to the hair.

- Lactobacilli: They nourish the normal flora that lives on the scalp and help eliminate pathogenic microorganisms, which are often the cause of dandruff, hair loss, or hair fragility.

- Ginseng root extract: A star ingredient that activates collagen synthesis and speeds up blood microcirculation, benefiting hair follicles and stimulating new hair growth. It has a regenerative effect, heals wounds and cracks, disinfects, protects against external harmful effects, softens and tones. It eliminates redness and irritation and improves the absorption of nutrients by the epidermis, in addition to inhibiting skin aging processes.

- Panthenol: Ideal for treating skin problems and nourishing hair. Its action is aimed at regenerating the skin, eliminating inflammation, and deeply nourishing and restoring the hair.

- Centella asiatica: Hydrates and nourishes the scalp, gives shine to the hair, and accelerates its growth.

- Menthol: Improves blood circulation and the nutrition of hair follicles, thus stimulating hair growth, and also reduces the activity of the sebaceous glands.

- Wormwood extract: has an anti-inflammatory effect, eliminates itching, regulates the sebaceous glands and has a bactericidal effect.

- Tocopherol: protects the skin against negative external effects, prevents the oxidation of unsaturated lipids, and intensively saturates the skin with vitamins. It can penetrate the deepest layers of the skin, where it is hydrolyzed into vitamin E.

- Complex of plant extracts: soothes and nourishes, gives elasticity and shine to hair, improves its texture, has an antioxidant effect, and restores the healthy shine to hair.

- How to use: Simply wash your hair, towel dry it and apply the mask, covering all the hair. Now put on the little cap, secure it with the adhesive part, give your head a little massage to distribute the nutrients well, and relax with the cap on for 10-15 minutes. Then, remove the cap and rinse with warm water.


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Product TypeHair Mask
Hair ConcernsNutrition, Hydration, Softness, Shine, Anti-frizz, Hair manageability, Repair, Sealing hair tips