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Sundo Pack Combination Skin


Regulates excess oil while providing the hydration your skin needs. No fail, the ultimate complete routine for combination skin!

Pack content

1 x Soft & Mild Low pH Cleanser

· Cleansing Foam 
· Sulfate free, Low pH
· Botanical extracts. Toxic-free formula
· Size: 150 ml

1 x Ultimate AHA & BHA Renewal Solution

· Peeling Treatment 
· AHA, BHA y natural enzymes
· Botanical extracts. Toxic-free formula
· Size: 150 ml

1 x Galactomyces 90 Miracle Drops

· Serum / Ampoule
· Galactomyces, Niacinamide, Propolis & Centella
· Botanical extracts. Toxic-free formula
 Size: 30 ml

1 x Real Moisturizing Light Cream

· Multi-Funcion Cream
· No silicones. Oil-free
· Botanical extracts. Toxic-Free
· Size: 50 ml

1 x Intense Care Niacinamide Sleeping Pack

· Sleeping Mask  
· Silicone-free, Whitening
· Botanical extracts. Toxics-Free
· Size: 50 ml

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Pack content

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Only if you have combination skin will you know how difficult it is to find the perfect products for your routine, because your skin does not have the same needs in all areas. Maybe your T-zone is oily but your cheeks are a little dry. The key is to find the "perfect balance". And that's what we like to call this pack, because it regulates excess oil while providing the hydration your skin needs. It heals, boosts radiance, prevents blemishes, keeps pimples and breakouts at bay while hydrating and making your skin deeply moisturised. No fail, the ultimate complete routine for combination skin!moistureampoule_03 copia.jpgSTEP 1:

Start your routine with a daily cleansing with Soft & Mild Low PH Cleanser, this low pH, sulfate-free cleanser, formulated with purifying botanicals and gentle acids with exfoliating, moisturizing and soothing action, has already become a favorite for combination skin (even the most sensitive) - it keeps skin fresh, comfortable and blemish-free!


Follow with Ultimate AHA & BHA Renewal Solution, this highly effective renewal treatment contains AHA and BHA acids that provide deep exfoliation and effective pore cleansing. It gradually smoothes, refines and diminishes imperfections and marks to improve the appearance of the dermis. When applied, target the T-zone or oilier areas of the face.


If there's one foolproof product for combination skin care, it's: Galactomyces 90 Miracle Drops, in addition to being a powerful facial regulator, it's highly effective at evening out skin tone and improving facial radiance. It heals, restores, refines and improves the appearance of the skin.moistureampoule_03 copia.jpgSTEP 4:

Apply Real Moisturizing Light Cream daily this cream offers powerful anti-aging action and provides deep hydration without a heavy feeling - so nice it hooks!moistureampoule_03 copia.jpgSTEP 5:

Finally, give your routine a boost and apply the Intense Care Niacinamide Sleeping Pack night mask 2-3 times a week before bed, full of active ingredients that work while you sleep to de-stress your skin and replenish it with life so it's more hydrated, radiant, even and healthy the next day.moistureampoule_03 copia.jpg


Data sheet

Product TypeWater Cleanser, Scrub, Toner, Serum / Essence, Cream, Mask
Skin TypeCombination Skin, All Skin Type
Skin ConcernsDilated pores, Excess sebum, Lack of brightness, Dryness, Dehydration, Sensitivity, Irritation

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